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Welcome to The Blades of Orac
Free forum : Blade of Orac Forum - Portal I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 6:00 pm by zeras
General Summery of the team

The Blades of Orac promote strong, legitimate game-play and a powerful connection to our teammates. We help each other achieve our goals, either similar or different, and we also remain as active as possible to raise a nice, welcoming sensation whenever you log into the server.

We are composed of many players, from casual players to Elitists, We do not support elitism.
Lundwick is our guild leader and cares very much for the community as a whole.  When Lundwick isn't around Zeras will be online often and has communications 24/7 with Lundwick and can get in touch if ever needed.

What The Blades of Orac offers

1) Team Bank:  A Bank full of items for sell with a currency of TPS (Team Points) TPS is dependent upon the game that uses the TPS system.  PPS (Privilege Points) are points gained by being active and doing events with the guild some things may require PPS.

2) Team Events:  Every Weekend we host events or quests where a few groups compete against each other and get TPS and PPS according to the place the gets.  These are here to promote activeness in the team.  Don't be afraid to suggest events especially if you don't like the recent events we had.  Request Forums

3) Community Guild:  We maybe small but we have an incredibly dedicated core member team, we also like to strive for community involvement from the Blades of Orac so please don't be afraid to talk to and with us your opinion does matter. Please bare in mind that the admins still lead the guild and strives to do whats best for the community as a whole.

Getting Connected

-Please []Register with the website Here[/url]
-Download Teamspeak at
-Download link is at the top right corner of the page, we use teamspeak 3 so get that
-Download whats right to your operating system if you don't know if you have 32 or 64bit click start < Right click my computer < click properties < if it says 64bit then its 64 bit, if its 32 bit then it wont list any bits at all.  If all else fails just get 32bit as 32bit works for both 32 and 64bits.  (64bit operating systems utilizes multiple cores as 32bits deals with just 1 core)
-Join Teamspeak Here once you read the rules and click the agree and join button it will auto start Teamspeak and auto join you to our server. Please be sure to fill out the nickname on TS you will be known for, Exmaple: I am always known as Zeras.

Our Rules

Lets face it all teams have some sort of rules one way or another, most of which are common sense like Do not cheat. Do not hack. Do not scam. Play fair.

Respect and honor the server admins Rules. If an admin says to do something DO IT, if an admin says don't do something DON'T DO IT.
Names changes are not acceptable unless under the conditions and approval of team captains and server Admin.
Exceptions are:
Name- descripition exmple: Lundwick (example)
There will be no id names in the middle
No Drama. This is self explainitory
No Trolling that leads to Rule #3
No Advertising of others teams, or other  Voice chat programs: Perma-ban will result if applied
Rule #6
No Duplicate clients are allowed
Rule #7
Do not enter as Teamspeak user. Result may be a client deletion of server groups.
Rule #8
Any Hostility towards a person in sexual manner will result in a perma-ban
Rule #9
Do not flood the server logs. This includes excessive lobby changing.
Rule #10
Be active at least a few hours a week. Afking 24/7 does not count-> google "activity definition"

->IMPORTANT: The community as a whole who witnesses disciplinary action will also see the warning for themselves as such they themselves also has heard the warning anyone thinking they deserve 10 warnings before a ban is very sadly mistaken, anyone who tries to undermine the server administrator will be SEVERELY punished.  The server admin reserves the right to issue kicks or ban of size that the server admin deems justly enough to fit the offense. Example: member 1 gets kicked for name changing, 3 seconds later member 2 decides to act as if the server admin has no authority and name changes too then the server admin has the right to kick, issue an hour ban, a 10 hour ban, a month ban or a perma ban at the discretion of the server admin.

General Disciplinary Actions:
1st  Offense is a kick
2nd Offense is Ban for 1 hour
3rd  Offense Ban 24 Hours
4th  Offense is perma-ban

Every offense will be documented by the team captains and server administrator
Everyone should be without excuse now. Please respect  the rules of this community

Any problems, comments or concerns please email one of the admins at or

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» Welcome to The Blades of Orac
Free forum : Blade of Orac Forum - Portal I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 6:00 pm by zeras

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